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You hold the hammer, pull the trigger and gently ease the hammer into the firing position. Be sure to point the gun away from any people at all times.

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Q: How do you deactivate a revolver with the hammer cocked without firing the gun?
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What does the cowboy slang 'thumb buster' mean?

A single action revolver, like the one shown above. The hammer must be cocked with the thumb before firing.

ON A PPK22 kal can you see the firing pin from the back when the hammer is cocked?


What is the Difference between a Double Action and a Single Action Pistol?

A typical single action pistol or revolver requires that the hammer be manually cocked. In the case of an autoloading pistol, such as the 1911AI .45, the hammer must be cocked before firing the first shot. With a single action revolver, such as the Colt Peacemaker, the hammer must be cocked before each shot. A double action handgun does not require manual cocking of the hammer- you pull the trigger, and the hammer rises and falls. An example would be the Smith & Wesson Model 10 .38 Special. The hammer may ALSO be cocked manually before a shot. Some handguns are DAO- double Action Only- the hammer may not be cocked manually- they are fired by pulling the trigger, which will cause the hammer to rise and fall.

How do you shoot a revolver fast?

Depends on the revolver. Some are double action- pulling the trigger makes the hammer rise and fall, firing the revolver- so it will fire as fast as you can pull the trigger- but usually at the cost of accuracy. Older style revolvers were usually single action- the hammer had to be manually cocked, and then the trigger pulled. One fast fire technique was known as "fanning" The trigger would he held down with fingers of one hand, and the other hand was rapidly brushed over the hammer, cocking it, and causing it to fire as soon as it was cocked. Accuracy was horrible.

Is the ekol viper 2.5 blank firing revolver front firing?

yes it is!

How do you change a firing pin on a ROHM GMBH revolver?

You let a gunsmith do it.

Do air spring air soft guns have an automatic firing mode?

No. Spring must be cocked before each shot.

Why did Samuel colt make the revolver?

I believe he realized a 'single' shot pistol had no advantages in time of conflict or war. He invisioned a weapon firing several rounds before reloading and that led to a multiple firing revolver...............

What is smoothest firing revolver for a ladies personal handgun?

It will vary from one lady to the next.

What is a repeating spring airsoft gun?

Repeating spring weapons can be loaded with multiple pellets at once, but still must be cocked before firing each time.

What is the decibel of a pistol firing?

Obviously, it will depend on the caliber of pistol, and the distance between you and the pistol. A person firing a .357 Magnum revolver would be exposed to ABOUT 140 dB.

Gerstenberger .32 revolver and I wanted to know if the revolver was safe to shoot?

No way we can answer your question without having examined the revolver. Gerstenberger and Eberwein produced an inexpensive line of small caliber handguns and blank guns. Importation to the US stopped with the 1968 Gun Control Act. These are not noted as being extremely high quality firearms. Yours should be examined by a competent gunsmith before firing.