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you dont

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Q: How do you customize Nike elite socks?
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How does you customize nike elite socks?

You get them from Santa.

Where can you customize nike elite crew socks?

NikeiD on their website.

How do you customize nike elite basketball socks?

Somebody said I have not seen completely customized Nike brand socks with your team name, logo, or colors. BUT you can do that at They aren't Nike brand but they are elite style socks with your info on them.

How many Nike elite socks are there?

there are over 60 pairs of nike elite socks

Can you customize Nike elite socks?

You can get custom elite socks at You have to order 24 pairs minimum. The elite socks come customized with your logo, text, and colors.Some, but most of the time you only get to pick the color. For example; red, white, and black.

Where can you customize Nike elite socks?

There is no store where u can customize them, but i have heard people talking about dying them though. Go on youtube and look up dying nike elite socks. Actually there is a website where you can make any design on nike elites. But i dont know what it is. I've seen some one with black nike sign and addidas stripes going up the back. ( 3 lines).

Where can you find custom elite socks?

nike has custom Nike elite socks. You can also create your own elite style socks at elitesportsocks. You can use your own logo, text, and colors. It is not Nike brand but the socks are for sport performance.

Where can you find cheap Nike elite socks? has very cheap nike elite socks and also has custom elites

What size are medium Nike elite socks in shoe size?

The size for the medium nike elite socks are from 6-8.

What are the Nike socks with the stripe on the back of them called?

nike dri-fit elite crew socks

How do you clean Nike elite socks?

wash them.

Do they have youth nike elite socks?


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