How do you curve a football?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The key to curling a football is when you strike the ball you must drag you foot along with the ball when you strike it, hit it with the inside of you foot this makes it much easier to curl the ball and also if your looking to curl it on a free-kick an angled free-kick is easier to score a curl.

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If talking about a "soccer ball". All you have to do is hit the ball in a sweeping, on the outside of the ball, motion with the inside of your foot. This allows the ball to spin to the side, creating swerve when kicked at speed.

Most right players will curve the ball to the left, as this is the way they kick and vice versa for left footed players.

A much harder skill is to curl the ball right with your right foot or left with your left foot. This is harder as it involved kicking the ball on the inside at speed and with a position that your body is not natural with.

An American football - Not a clue!

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Q: How do you curve a football?
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