How do you create stepen strasburg mlb 10 th show ps2?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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Go to create a player. Make a RHP named Stephen Strasburg assign him #37. Set all his non-hitting stats to 99. Lastly assign him to Washington.

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Q: How do you create stepen strasburg mlb 10 th show ps2?
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Is Stephen strasburg on Major League Baseball 9 the show?

no but he is on mlb 10 the show

How do you get Stephen strasburg in Major League Baseball 10 the show?

you don't. you have to get an upgrade to MLB 12

Does Stephen Strasburg bat right or left?

MLB player Stephen Strasburg bats right.

Does Stephen Strasburg throw right or left?

MLB player Stephen Strasburg throws right.

Where was Stephen Strasburg born?

MLB player Stephen Strasburg was born in San Diego, CA.

What is MLB pitcher Stephen Strasburg's nationality?

Stephen Strasburg is American, born in San Diego, California in 1988.

Stephen Strasburg pitched last night so when will he be added to MLB2K10?

Next year on 2K11. The same for MLB 11 the show.

Is Stephen Strasburg in MLB 2K10?

yes if u make him

How do you create a stadium in mlb 12 the show?

you cant

How do you create ichiro in MLB 07 the show?

go to create a player and name him Ichiro

Does stephan strausberg play baseball?

yes Stephen Strasburg plays MLB baseball on the Washington Nationals. He is a pitcher

How much did the Washington Nationals pay for Stephen Strasburg?

In August 2009, Stephen Strasburg signed a $15.1 million contract with the Washington Nationals. But how much he makes per year varies by season. See the related link below for the USA Today MLB Baseball salary database to look up player's salaries by season.