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You can find an C.A.W for WWE RAW PC in

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Q: How do you create new wrestlers in WWE RAW PC games?
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How do you create tna wrestlers in smackdown vs raw 2011?

Visit their you can see some of the created wrestlers like wwe wrestlers,tna wrestler and others

Which wrestlers are on the wwe raw roster?

Click on the added link below title wwe raw roster.

About new wrestlers to come in wwe?

well there not like nhl there drafts go to smackdown or raw but wrestlers sign to wwe

What is the difference between WWE raw and WWE smackdown?

Each brand has different pro wrestlers

How many WWE wrestlers are there?

500 which it is raw smackdoown ecw and tna

How do you unlock all the wrestlers in WWE raw?

by playing the main events

Can you make a WWE superstar on

No but in most of the WWE video games you can create a wrestler in Create- A- Wrestler Mode also on WWE fan nation new on you can create and avatar or post a picture of wrestler i am not sure if you can edit the wrestlers

How many WWE wrestlers there are in smack down vs raw 2012?


How do you get tna wrestlers on WWE 2011 on the ps2?

Just make them in create a wrestler and or buy tthem in the games online mode

Where can you download WWE PC games other than the RAW demo and the entrance music of wrestlers? is the best wrestling forum ever...

How do you get Dusty Rhodes in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

they don't put the old wrestlers on the new games only the ones that are on t.v.

What is WWE theme song?

WWE doesnt hav a theme song but the wrestlers do and RAW/ SMACKDOWN/ECW/WCW does...................................................

What are the cheats to unlock WWE wrestlers in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

predator unlocks all Randy ortan attires

How do you unlock WWE wrestlers on smackdown vs raw 09?

you have to go through the countown to wrestlemanias

Who the gay wrestlers in WWE?

There is no homosexual wrestlers in WWE currently.

Which WWE games can be played on a PC?

The WWE games you can play on PC are WWE Raw (2002), WWE Raw Total Edition (2008) and WWE Raw Ultimate Impact (2009). I don't where you can buy them but you can download them off the web.

Will created wrestlers from wwe smack down vs raw 2008 work on wwe smack down vs raw 2009?

It's a completely different game...why ask such a question!

List the names of the wrestlers on smackdown vs raw 210?

Every single WWE Wrestler at the moment

On wrestling 2009 what does caw mean?

on the wwe smackdown vs raw video games caw stands for create a wrestler

Do you like any of the wrestlers on WWE Raw?

My answer is a matter of personal opinion, but yes... I'm a fan of CM Punk.

How do you unlock characters on WWE smackdown vs raw 2010?

Do the wrestlers Road to WrestleMania and complete the optianal goals.

Which edition of WWE has cage match?

The original WWF Raw has cage matches and also many legends as wrestlers.

Do wrestlers from WWE compete in the Olympics?

No, professional wrestling is not an event in the Olympic Games.

How do you get hornswoggle in wwe Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

You can't get him in WWE SMACKOWN VS RAW 2010,2009,2008,2007,2006 and other WWE video games

What are all the brands of the WWE wrlstlers?

There are currently 3 brands in WWE.Monday Night RawFriday Night Smackdown andNXTRaw and Smackdown feature professional/experienced wrestlers whereas NXT is a show for the rookies who aspire to be WWE superstars