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tell them that you have too much school work to catch up on and you're worried that it will effect your academics.

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Q: How do you convince your parents to let you quit swimming if you homeschool?
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How do you convince your parents to let you quit swimming?

Throw tantrums in public at the pool until they let you stop.... It worked for my little sister who is 14

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If you are not old enough, you cannot legally quit school, parents permission or not.

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I don't know...quit doing drugs and your parents might quit testing you, maybe?

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Quit what? If you mean work then yes

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If they convince you to quit doing or avoid doing things that are bad or dangerous for you.

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What do you do if your friend smokes and does not want to quit but you do not smoke and your parents do not approve of it?


Can a 17 yr old leave home or quit school without parents consent in state of Texas?

No, they have not reached the age of majority in Texas which is 18. Only then can they quit school and move out. Until then the parents have to be responsible and make the decisions.

Can a seventeen year old quit school without a parents permission in Indiana?

No! Unless you are moving out and disowning your parents by law.

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Can a parent make a minor quit their job they are already work at even if they got very good grades but the problem is in home personal problem

Is it bad to order your parents a quit smoking kit?

No it is better to do rather than not to do it

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