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400 meters is 99.39% of 440 yards. It's a difference of about 8 feet. So without factoring in anything but distance, clearly the biggest factor here, just take 99.39% of your 440 yard time to get an estimate of your 400 meter time.

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There really is no conversion for times from these two races as conditioning of the athlete can dramatically change how fast the last 100m can be run. As a rule of thumb, add somewhere between 14 to 17 seconds from a 300 m time.

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50.1 seconds

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cut the time down by 33.3%

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Q: How do you convert a 300 Meter hurdle time to an expected 400 meter time?
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How do you convert 400 meter hurdles to 300 meter hurdle time?

Assuming you don't run any faster in the 300m. 3/4x (time run)=300m time

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For the 110m hurdles, the first hurdle is placed after a run up of 13.72m (45 ft) from the starting line. The next nine hurdles are set at a distance of 9.14m (30 ft) from each other, and the home stretch from the last hurdle to the finish line is 14.02m (46 ft) long.

How much time should i add on to 60 meter hurdle time to convert to 110 meter hurdle?

You should multiply your 60-meter time by 11/6 or 1.833 . That'll give you a rough estimate of the time to expect for 110 meters, if the hurdles are spaced the same, and if you can keep up the same speed for 83% more distance.

What is the 55 meter hurdles to 60 meter hurdles conversion?

Take your 55 meter hurdle time, (let's say 9.26) then divide that time by 55, = .1684, then multiply that number by 60, .1684 x 60 = 10.10. It isn't an exact science but it will be pretty close. You could obviously do the opposite also to convert your 60 time into a 55 meter time. Hope that helped. Coach LaFollette, the Hurdle Professor.

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