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You simply screw the line onto the tank and into the back of the gun. then you turn on the line by twisting the valve clockwise.

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Q: How do you connect a remote line from a 20oz Co2 tank to a paintball gun?
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What is the cord that can connect the tank to a paintball gun?

its called a remote line or remote hose.

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Can you fill a paintball CO2 cylinder through a remote line?

No. This is because the end head of the remote line does not have a valve. you would have to open the tank valve, fill it, close it, remove the remote, put it in your gun and then turn it back on. This would be more complicated then just removing the tank and filling it. If the remote line had an ending with a valve it would be easy, otherwise removing it would re-empty the tank.

Do cruises have paintball?

No. There is no cruise line that has paintball fields.

What does a Coiled Remote Line do on a paintball gun?

It allows you to attach the tank to a coil to your gun. You can carry the tank in a back harness which allows you to more properly use a stock.

What is a remote coil paintball CO2 marker gun air hose tank line?

A remote hose (AKA Remote Coil) is a coiled hose that you screw into your ASA on your marker, and your tank, allowing you to place the tank anywhere you feel comfortable. If you are going to play with the remote, I advise poking a hole through your outfit and threading the hose through your uniform, so you don't get it caught on any brush, metal, etc.

What is a dye marker?

They are top of the line paintball guns.

What is a ufd CO2 hpa paintball thick coiled remote qd?

a "remote line" or "coil" is a long coil of steel tubing that is plugged into the Asa (air source adapter/where the tank goes in) and allows the air or co2 tank to be carried on a harness on your back. This is recommended if you are going to use a butt stock or want a light (but less maneuverable) gun.

Can you buy a butt stock for dye paintball guns?

Yes. The Specops longbow stock with ASA adaptor can fit any gun. It was built especially for "speedball" guns without buttcaps and also has an Airthru option which allows it to be hooked to a remote line.

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Are all paintball pistols co2?

all the pistols that i know of are made to run off of the 9 or 12g disposable cartrages, you could probably find the right fittings to run one on HPA but that would require you to hold the HPA tank elsewhere and have a remote line going to the pistol

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It's a barrel for Tippmann paintball guns and only Tippmann guns. It specializes in a flat trajectory, though suffers in accuracy. How it works is it adds backspin to the paintball therefore shooting it in a flat trajectory. Tippmann argues that the barrel adds range and while it is true that the paintball is in the air longer than a standard barrel the problem is that because of the backspin the paintball looses speed as it goes, so right around there a paintball from a standard barrel hits the ground is where a paintball from a flatline becomes useless as well as it will not have enough speed to break on anything.

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generally the iron sights at the front and back of the marker, if you line them up you will have an idea of where the paintball will go, but paintballs are very inaccurate so scopes or lasers or anything like them is pretty useless

How expesive is a paintball gun?

A paintball gun can run anywhere from low end ($90) to middle grade ($200-$300) high end ($500-$700) and top of the line tournament markers ($700-$2000)

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