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Q: How do you communicate individual and team objectives responsibilities and priorities?
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Why do organisations set objectives and priorities?

Objectives can help guide what the organization is going to do. Priorities help guide what the organization will do first and which objectives should have the most resources applied to achieving them.

Which ICS organizational element is responsible for setting objectives and priorities?

Incident Commander

Why you are the way you are?

Your individual background, priorities, education and life experience.

Ability to organize work set priorities and ensure of work of a group?

Ability to communicate tactfully and effectively, both orally and in writing, in order to meet program objectives. This may include preparing reports in various formats and presenting data to various organizational levels.

What are the objectives of a partnership?

The Partnership Strategy has identified a number of discrete aims and objectives and identifies specific priorities and activities that the Partnership will undertake to achieve its vision for improving social and economic regeneration.

What issues should the manager take while planning?

What are the objectives What are the priorities Technical issues / competency / tasks and milestones How to measure progress

Place the compnents of the iap in their correct order of development?

1. Incident Priorities 2. Incident Objectives 3. Incident Strategies 4. Incident Tactics

What were the beliefs during the renaissance?

they believed in the individual making a difference. priorities changed from getting to heaven to making a difference in this world.

What are other and responsibilities required of organizational leaders?

empower others to perform the mission establish long-term vision manage multiple priorities tailor resources to organizations and programs

What are some priorities that should be considered when choosing a school for your child?

Some priorities that one should consider when choosing the right school for a child is how will the child be getting to school, is the school accessible to them. What are the class sizes, will they child get the individual help they need.

What are the functions of a budget?

From a stakeholders point of view a budget is a statement in dollars of an individual's or organization's objectives and priorities. From a financial point of view a budget is planning tool of the cash flow of individual or organization, by stating for a given period of time, and in some level of detail what are going to be the spendings and the income sources. From a managment point of view a budget is a tool of control and discipline by allocation of financial resources according to a plan and by tracking budget execution.

What does it mean when a guy says he loves you but it does not matter because he has other priorities?

When a man says he loves someone, but it doesn't matter because he has other priorities he does not have a clue what love is. When you love someone that person should become foremost in the person's life where they can hardly wait to see them; they communicate and are tender and loving and they respect each other. Priorities can often be changed so in this case it's time to say goodbye to such a man.