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Q: How do you communicate at a race track event is it called tic tac?
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What is a Circuit of a track called?

race track Lap.

What is the name of an event where a group of horses compete against each other on a track?

A Race

When was the 880 race stopped being a track and field event?

in the 80's in the USA

What are 2 way radios?

Two way radios are radios where people can communicate back and forth with each other. These are very useful for construction workers on the job or even for race car drivers to communicate with their crews on the race track.

What was a Roman racetrack called?

A Roman race track was called a "circus" .

What Curves of a race track are called?

Corners or chicanes.

An event with a baton?

it is called a relay race

Where do you start for a 400 meter race?

You normally start a 400m race (outdoor track) at the same place as 800, 1600 and possibly 300; which isn't a common event in outdoor track and field anyway

What is a oval piece of ground used for racing called?

A race track.

What is a 200m run?

A 200 metres race is a sprint running event. On an outdoor 400 m track, the race begins on the curve and ends on the home straight.

What is ski cross in the winter Olympics?

ski cross is a skiing event that athletes have to race on a track with many hills turns and jumps this track is also used for snowboarding.

How long was the ancient Olympics race track?

Speed skater Kim Ki-hoon, of South Korea, won the 1000 m short-track race in the 1992 Olympics with a time of 90.76 s. How many milliseconds did it take him to finish the race? How many centimeters long was the race?