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I have Nike Vapors and Just recently a kid stepped on me and left a huge scuff mark on the side of my boot. What I used to remove my scuff marks was a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Get your shoe wet, and scrub very firmly. Should take it right out, unless it is a black scuff mark

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Pretty Nails All Nail Formula (acetone) and cotton balls worked great for me on the outsides. How do I get out the strong smell inside? It is not present in any other shwoes that I own...

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Q: How do you clean scuff marks off soccer shoes?
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How do you clean scuff marks off shoes that are not leather?

Finger nail polish remover

How do you remove scuff marks from expensive shoes?

the answer is simple. when you buy a pair of shoes you need to also buy a SHOE (not a normal) brush. you can usually find one in a kit. along with the kit there is a bottle of ink-looking liquid. dab some on your shoes over the scuff then brush until the scuff is gone. you may have to repeat this several times

How do i clean my Air Jordan Concorde 11's?

To clean Air Jordan Concord 11's tennis shoes it is best to use a cloth with water and a cleaning agent. If the shoe is white you can use diluted bleach to help remove any scuff marks. Never submerge the shoes in water.

How do you get the scuff marks off a sealed tile floor?

I have done this. There is a scuff mark remover at your hardware store in the tile section.AnswerI know that they are easily removed from linoleum by rubbing them with the sole of athletic shoes. Try that.

Can anyone think of 5 letter words starting with s o or e and ending in ff except sniff stiff staff or stuff?

scuff My new shoes left scuff marks on the kitchen floor.

How can you use scuff in a sentence?

I don't want to scuff up my new shoes.

How can you get yellow scuff marks off black shoes?

Try a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth. You'll need to re-polish the shoe later.

What does scuff mean?

Scuff means to abrade or mar the suface of something, usually shoes

How can you stop black shoes from making scuff marks?

Depending on what it is. If it is just rubber scuffs, just use your palm and rub it. It may hurt a little because of friction, but it is likely to peel off. What the marks are, basically, is just melted rubber from the shoe. So friction, eg:rubbing your palm into it, will likely melt it again and lift it. Another way is polishing it, to try cut it out.

What does wearing the right shoes for physical education prevent?

blisters, twisted ankles, scuff marks on the gym floor, ridicule, losing games, slipping, sliding, loss of balance...

How do you take black scuff marks off of a white shoe?

You can try using a Magic Eraser or a clean cloth with some vinegar to gently rub off the scuff marks. You can also use a mixture of baking soda and water to create a paste and scrub the marks off with a soft brush. Additionally, using a white eraser or a toothbrush with some toothpaste can be effective in removing scuff marks from white shoes.

How do you remove scraches from m corfam shoes?

Put Vaseline on the scuff. Rub the scuff vigorously with your thumb until the Vaseline is dry. If you keep rubbing, the scuff will disipate. I did this for 14 years while I was in the Air Force.