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With thinner

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Q: How do you clean pool table cloth of shampoo stain?
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How do you clean pool table cloth of beer stain?

Felt Rescue

How to clean a veneer table top?

You can clean a veneer table top with a soft cloth, warm water, and a mild soap. Mix the soap and water, dampen the cloth with the mixture, and wipe the table clean.

Is it okay to clean a table tennis with water?

it can clean with cloth which is dipped into water

What is the use of table cloth?

Table cloth is used to prevent germs and food tipped or spilt on the table.Tip! Waiters never clean the actual table.

If I get a stain on a table cloth that I can't bleach, does that pretty much render it ruined?

Unfortunately, if bleach doesn't fix it them nothing probably will. It may be time to get a new table cloth.

How do you clean a pool table?

you use a bbrush and you clean off all the dust on the cloth

What is the proper way to cloth a table in fine dining?

You have to gently clean the dining table with towel, and then cloth it the way you want! Have a good Dinner!

How do I remove a thin ring that is either a stain or burn on my antique walnut table I thoroughly washed the table with Murphy's oil soap but the ring is still there Help please?

Try to rub a walnut into it or if that does work get an old cloth and place it on the table and put an iron over the cloth then the stain should go away!

How do you remove grape juice stain from a wood table?

Take a cloth and dampen it with hot water. Using a small amount of powder oxyclean applied to the damp cloth, gently rub the stain. After you're done, you would never even know there was a stain!

How do you clean a glass dining table?

Take everything off the table. Dust the table. Wet a clean soft cloth and ring it out so that it is just damp. Sprinkle a little vinegar onto the damp cloth. Rub the cloth over the glass on the table to remove marks and smears. Scrunch up some newspaper pages and rub the table dry with these. Your table top should now be clean and shiny. Replace the items you removed from the table after dusting them.,

How do you put revealing in a sentence?

Today's news report will be revealing the weather contest winner. This table cloth won't be revealing the water stain on the table top.

Why is a table cloth called a table cloth?

Table cloth is called table cloth because it is used to cover the table.its called a table cloth because it is a cloth that you put on a table you idiot.