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Throw them in the wash and air dry

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Q: How do you clean maverik lacrosse gloves?
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When was Maverik Lacrosse created?

Maverik Lacrosse was created in 2005.

What is the lightest maverik lacrosse shaft?


Can a warrior lacrosse head fit on a maverik shaft?


Does maverik lacrosse heads fit on stx shafts?

sure y not

Which Maverik lacrosse stick is the best between the Phenix the H2 and the Wonderboy?


What are the best lacrosse gloves?

the best lacrosse gloves are the mac daddies

Is it legal to wear lacrosse gloves in hockey?

yes it is not legal, you have to wear hockey/lacrosse official gloves

What are warrior lacrosse gloves made of?

It depends but most lacrosse gloves are made of foam and fake leather.

Are goalie gloves different from regular gloves in lacrosse?

Field Lacrosse they are usually the same as players gloves Box Lacrosse, definitely different and more reinforced. You can use hockey gloves because they tend to have reinforced thumbs and wrists

Can you wear lacrosse gloves in hockey?

Depends on the league. You can always get Reebok lacrosse or Warrior lacrosse gloves to blend in. The main thing you want to think about is, is that in lacrosse gloves they are a lot more mobile. Although you can result in a injury more the choice is yours.

Where to get college lacrosse gloves?

you may want to keep searching for some gloves try: or just google lacrosse

How can you wash lacrosse gloves?

You should put baking soda in your lacrosse bag, it will take the smell out of your gloves, along with the rest of your equipment.

What are the lightest lacrosse gloves?

I would say some orange or yellow gloves. :)

What are the best lacrosse gloves for under120?

I'm not positive, but I'm sure Academy has some good lacrosse gloves for under $120. -Present321

Where can one purchase gloves for lacrosse?

One can purchase lacrosse gloves from a variety of online retailers such as Northern Soul Sportswear, Captain-Lax, Lacrosse, Amazon, eBay, Adidas and Nike.

Is it legal to cut out the palms in your lacrosse gloves?

Not anymore.

What gloves does UVA lacrosse wear?

Gait Recons

Do they make lacrosse gloves without leather?


What is lacrosse equipment?

For boys lacrosse you need a helmet, a stick, shoulder pads, elbow pads, lacrosse gloves, sneakers and a mouthguard.

When was Maverik Center created?

Maverik Center was created in 1997.

What is the best quality brand of lacrosse gear?

The best for just about everything are Maverik, STX, Warrior, and Brine. I personally thing that the best heads are Brine and STX. Gloves go with anything above $120. For shafts Warrior and Brine make some pretty sick shafts

What do you use for lacrosse?

Well you use a lacrosse stick for girls you use goggles and mouthguard and gloves it's your choice. Boys helmet, chestpad, armpad, and gloves mouthguard.

What kind of pads are used for lacrosse?

shoulder, elbow, and gloves

What are good attack lacrosse gloves?

King III surperlights

What warrior lacrosse gloves can you customize?

mostly all joe flacko