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not that hard, you should clean it every ride. unscrew the plate or seat covering the air filter. once you have taken the filter out clean it throughly with varsol (paint thiner) then water it down and use soap if nessasary. make sure all of the oil is off and dark sploches. also make sure that there is no paint thinner still inside the filter because it will eat away at the filter and engine as it runs. scrub it well but don't put too much pressure on it or ring it out with your hands. this will destroy the parcles inside it. then let it dry for a good hour and check it. if it is totally dry, then its time to oil it. use a good brand of oil like bel ray. it doesnt matter if its a spray kind or a liquid. spray or pour it on making sure that there is no spots missed. then flip it inside out and do the same. make sure that there is no spots missed and that you have oil everywere on it including the sides. then reinstall it back in your bike

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Q: How do you clean a airfilter on a dirt bike?
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