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If the ice is a solid whitish color with no black spots you should be able to skate on the ice. Step on the ice with one foot to test it!

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Q: How do you check if you can ice skate on a pond?
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Related questions

Where can one ice skate in the winter?

Although the draw is to ice skate outdoors on a frozen pond in the wintertime, this can be dangerous if the pond is not certified for safe skating. The best place to skate in the winter is on a prepared ice rink.

How do you make your sims ice skate on a frozen pond sims 2 seasons?

you cannot ice skate Actually i think you can but i do not think you can ice skate on ponds. hope this helps you!

Is it bad for your skates to skate on a pond?

Yes. Pond ice is hardly ever smooth, and therefore can hurt, and definitely dull your skate blade.

How safe is it to skate on a pond?

Skating on a pond does not sound very safe. The wheels will slide on the ice and you will fall. Try skate boarding in a skate park or on the side walk. Also wear a safety helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and all that good stuff. It will protect you if youI fall. If you SKATE on a pond make shore that the ice is very very thick! My foot has fallen in ice cold water befor :S not fun.

How thick does pond ice have to be to skate on safely?

it has to be 17 pies jump

When there was no ice rink where do you skate?

You could always skate at the pond, or in really cold places like the ocean. Of course, you have to make sure that the ice is thick enough.

How does ice dancing work?

you put on your skates and go out on the pond or whatever and skate. LOL! :)

Where can you buy waxed skate shoelaces?

Check with your local ice rink.

Where is skating done?

Skating can be done at a rec-centre, a frozen pond or lake (Just make sure the ice is thick enough to skate on!), or a specialty park (Some have frozen areas to skate on).

How deep should the ice be to ice skate safely?

5 inches is thick enough to skate on safely...maybe 6 inches if you are playing hockey. Check the ice depth with a drill in numerous spots because thickness can vary.

Is colony farm pond frozen in the winter?

yes colony farms pond is frozen but it is not safe to skate on it because the ice is only 2 inches thick so if you try to skate it you might fall in the water and kill yourself because when you fall threw ice you only have a 20% chance to survive so you have an 80% chance you will die.

How thick should ice be to ice skate?

three inches to safely skate on ice.

Where do you go to get an ice skate?

you can get an ice skate at a skate shop like skaters edge>

How do you say ice skate in spanish?

To ice skate is patinar.

Could you ice skate on Antarctica?

Can you ice skate in antartica

How many inches should the ice be when you ice skate?

4 or more inches of ice for you to ice skate on it.

Can you ice skate in Alaska?

Yes. You can ice skate in Alaska. You can ice skate on ponds in Alaska because in the winter most if not all the ponds freeze over. So to answer your question, yes you can ice skate in Alaska

What is the homophone for creak?

creek The kids can ice skate near the park once the creek has frozen solid. A creek is a small body of water similar to a pond.

Who was the President that liked to ice skate?

Not that I know of, but Condolezza Rice did learn to ice skate.

How many people in California ice skate?

How many people ice skate in California

What do ice skaters skate on?

On ice

Can a sumo wrestler ice skate?

if they know how to skate...

Can a disabled person ice skate?

It would depend on the type of disability a person has as to whether or not they would be able to ice skate. With special equipment, a disabled person would be able to ice skate.

Is ice skating played all over the world?

yes it is the people from china even skate!! they dont skate on ice maybe but iam sure they'll find way to skate on the ice!!

Where do people skate?

well it depends whether you are rollerskating or ice skating because if your ice-skating you skate in ice rinks or even in the winter on frozen lakes or ponds but if your roller skating you skate in skate parks or in parks or on the path or even the road