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You cant it comes with a charger

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Q: How do you change the pulse r71 battery?
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What is better a crosman pulse r71 or r73 electric?

The R71 holds more rounds and is Semi and full auto and cost less. It's a better bang for your buck.

Can the Airsoft pulse r71 shoot 12gram BBs?

yes *edit* every gun can.

Does the pulse r71 have a scope?

Yes but it's fake. It's really the loading chamber (Hopper)

How do you reassemble a pulse R71?

Why would you want to, get another gun, it is a very weak gun, buy the pulse R76 or just send the gun in with your warranty.

Can you take the scope off the crosman pulse r71 airsoft gun?

No, the scope is the hopper. its not really a scope

How do you disassemble a Crosman pulse r71?

Step 1: Pull battery and mag out Step 2: Snap gun in half Step 3: throw gun in trash Step 4: Stop wasting your time fooling around with crappy airsoft guns

Where can you find a battery for your Crosman tac r71 mp5 airsoft gun?

Probably Home Depot. That place has alot of tools.

How long do you charge a crosman pulse r71 air soft gun?

Charge it for a Minimum of 2 hrs and a Max of 3 Hrs. DO NOT overcharge it. For the owners manual see the link below.

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Depends on the strength of the pulse. A strong pulse could cause the complete discharge of a battery.

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The Battery

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Connect a VOM to one winding. Momentarily connect a battery to the other winding. When the battery makes contact, a pulse will occur on the other winding. If the pulse is positive, then the terminal connected to the plus lead is in phase with the lead connected to the battery.

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