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buy the English version

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Q: How do you change the language setting from Japanese or Chinese to English in ssx on tour?
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How can you change the language of your windows mobile from Chinese langaue into English language?

you can change it in the column of setting of phone.

How do you get Chinese in Microsoft Word?

change the language setting

Do Japanese Nintendo Wii games have an English language setting?

No. If it's produced in, let's use Japan as an example, and you live in the US and play it, it doesn't have an English setting. And vice-versa with that and all the other languages they're set for.

Is there a cheat to make Mysims Kingdom to speak English on the Wii?

No, If you have US version, it should be in English, or if not, try setting your language to English.

How can you adjust English language in 3ds?

To adjust the English language in 3ds, go to System Settings from the Home Menu, then select Other Settings and go to Profile. From there, you can change the language setting to English.

Can you change English games to Japanese?

Most Nintendo DS games start off in their original language and are then either translated and marketed officially by Nintendo, or hacked and subbed by bilingual fans. Although the Nintendo DS itself has a switch-language function, the games you play on it would need to be purchased from a Japanese vendor, imported, or fansubbed for you to get them in Japanese.

How to make a keyboard type in Chinese?

The easiest way to type in Chinese with a keyboard would be to change the settings in the Windows operating system which relate to the keyboard language setting. This however will only offer limited ability to use the Chinese language due to different input requirements of the keyboards.

What is the setting of Simon Collings Do You Speak English?

The setting of "Do You Speak English?" by Simon Collings is in an unidentified place, possibly a city or a town where the protagonist interacts with various characters who ask them if they speak English. The story explores themes of language barriers, communication, and cultural differences in this ambiguous setting.

How much light does the Chinese evergreen need?

The Chinese Evergreen otherwise know as Aglaonema simplex or as A. Modestum or Japanese leaf can tolerate dark rooms, however it likes a greenhouse setting with moist rich soil.

How do you translate Italian using Google Chrome in English?

You can translate from Italiano to English in chrome easily. Go to setting and then advanced settings, select English in language tab.

Where is Japanese mode located in Super Smash Bros.. Brawl?

If you have PAL (Europe), go to Options and find the language setting and choose the only language that uses foreign symbols. If you have NTSC (US), there is no language option in Brawl.

What would happen if you used a Japanese video game in an American game system?

I think that if you put a Japanese game into an American system, it would play it normally in English, or whatever your video game language setting you have. All Wii's use the same universal chip, and all Playstations, etc. I think this applies to all video games.