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first you start with toad well you have unlock different colors same thing with Yoshi

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Q: How do you change the coluer of toad in mario sports mix?
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How do you unlock all colors of toad in Mario sports mix?

play all the tracks in Time Trials

How many Mario related video games are toad and toadette playable in?

These are the ones I know. ~Mario Party (Toad) ~Mario Party 8 ~MarioKart (Toad)

How old is toad from Mario bros?

Toad is not given an age in the Mario Bros. series.

who is the guy with a mushroom head from mario?

Toad :)

How do you get toad on Mario Kart wii?

You can't unlock toad on mario kart Wii.Toad is already there.

Does bank toad change in Mario galaxy 2 when other files remove star bits?


What characters can you play as in new Super Mario Brothers?

ds,mario and luigi,wii mario, luigi, blue toad, and yellow toad.

How do you play as toad in Super Mario Bros ds?

If you are talking about New Super Mario Bros. for the DS, then you can't play as Toad, only Mario and Luigi.

Is toad from Mario an adult?


Is the toad in Mario Asian?


Can you play in new super Mario only with Mario and luigi?

No!You Can Play Up To Four Player As Mario,Luigi,Yellow Toad Or Blue Toad

Is toad real?

Sorry toad is only a character in Mario he is Not real