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Have you considered paint?

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I think it was by lottery

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Q: How do you change the colour of a cricket helmet?
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What is the color of the uniform of Indian cricket players 1983?

sky blue colour maximum they change related sky blue colour

Were can you find a cheap seniour masuri cricket helmet?

buy from cricket express

What does cricket has?

cricket has a bat a ball wickets and uniform and it has a helmet and 2 leg pads which cricket player have

Where is the best place to buy a cricket helmet?

Gm Helmet is best and you can buy it online.

What is the best helmet in cricket?

Earlier when people started playing cricket, they did not use helmet but when bowlers developed speed, it was becoming increasingly dangerous for the batsmen to protect their head from injury. Though they were using pads and gloves, the head was still vulnerable and a few players even sustained injuries. That is when people started using helmets to protect their skull.

What is the best cricket helmet?

the best cricket helmet on the market is easily the Ayrtek. firstly, it is much lighter than any other helmet on the market. secondly, it offers more protection than any other helmet. next, it uses a special technique to make the helmet bigger and smaller. for more info visit i hope this has helped.

Who invented the cricket helmet?

Wayne Green (Baldilocks)

Who invented cricket helmet?

Wayne Green (Baldilocks)

In test cricket what colour is the cricket ball?

Typically, in test cricket, the cricket ball is red. However, in limited-overs cricket formats like One Day Internationals and T20s, white or pink balls are used for better visibility under floodlights.

How many runs are awarded to the batting team in cricket if the balls hits a helmet lying on the field?

" 5 RUNS " are awarded to the batting team in cricket if the ball hits a helmet lying on the field.

Equipment for cricket?

pads, bat, gloves, box or cup, helmet, spik3s

Can you use a motorcycle helmet for a snowmobile?

Yes , you can use a motorcycle helmet for a snowmobile.