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by over to over

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Q: How do you change cricket fielders after an over?
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Why offside in cricket is called so?

there is no such thing as offside in cricket - the only thing that resembles this is if over 2 fielders are behind the batsman on the leg side - this is a no ball.

What is a gap in Cricket?

the space between two fielders is called a gap

What do fielders say when they make a request to the umpire to declare a batsman out in cricket?


How many fielders can field on the leg side in a ODI cricket match?

Not more than 5 fielders can be placed on the leg side. Also, not more than 2 fielders behind square-leg.

Enumerate responsibilities of wicket keeper in game of cricket?

To motivate bowlers as well as fielders from behind the stumps

Can a captain change a bowler during a current over of the match in cricket?


What is batting power play?

Batting Powerplay in Cricket means there are only 2 fielders outside the 30 yard circle.Bowling powerplay means there are only 3 or less fielders in the 30 yard circle for preventing fours.

How many players can be on a cricket field at a time?

13, consisting of 2 batsman, 1 bowler, 1 wicketkeeper and 9 fielders.

How many players play in field of cricket at a time?

11 players from one team on the playing field at any one time. 1 Bowler, 1 wicketkeeper and the others are 'fielders' however you can include the wicketkeeper as a fielding position therefore there are 10 fielders and 1 bowler at a time

What is the rule of power play in cricket?

Powerplay is a rule in which the only 2 or 3 fielders can should be outside the 30 yard circle.....This is an advantage for the batsmen to score quick runs. There are 3 powerplays in one day cricket,the first one is commpulsory for the first ten overs, and the 2nd and the 3rd powerplays are 5 overs each.....T20 cricket one compulsory powerplay for the first six overs........

In an ODI Cricket Match how many fielders should be in the inner circle during the powerplay?

During the first powerplay 9 fielders; including the wicket-keeper and bowler are mandatory to be placed inside the circle. 2 of the 9 fielders must be at the close catching position. During 2nd and 3rd powerplay one fielder can be spared from inside to outside the circle.

Why Cricket Net?

Increases your level of safety You can practice for hours alone Eliminate the need for fielders Greater intensity of training The Life Club is situated at Sus, near Sunny’s World and offers facilities like three AstroTurf cricket nets for practice.