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If you have slips next to the wicket keeper, all you need to do is point the seam to the closest to the keeper and you will get a late swing, if you point it to the furtherest away slip you will get an early swing

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Q: How do you calculate the swing of a cricket ball?
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Why does a cricket ball swing but not a tennis ball?

it also swings...

Why does a ball swing with pace in cricket?


What are the factors that affect a cricket ball's swing?

You hold it on the opposite side of where you want to swing it !

Different ways of swinging a cricket ball?

There are 3 ways of swinging a cricket ball while bowling. They are:In-swingOut-swingReverse Swing

What is the difference between swing ball and spin ball?

I believe that spin is exerted on to the ball by the hand, swing is how the ball moves in the air and turn is what the ball does off the pitch. If you're asking about cricket.

What side does a cricket ball swing to?

it swings away from the shiny side

How do you bowl out swing in cricket?

To outswing a cricket ball. Hold the ball with its seam inclined marginally towards the slip quadron. Keep the shiny side of the ball inside. With this arrangement and very normal speed around 130-135 kph, you can get the ball swing away conventionally.

How do you swing a cricket ball without any shine like wasim akram?

by bowling a new ball in dream,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

How the swing is produce in a fast moving cricket ball?

the swing is produced by the movement of the wind and completely depends upon the movement of the wrists of the bowlers.

What is ball used in cricket called?

Cricket ball Cricket ball

What is reverse swing in fast bowling in cricket?

Normal swing occurs mostly when the ball is new. As it wears more, it is more difficult to extract a large amount of swing. When the ball becomes very old it begins to swing towards the shine. This is known as reverse swing- which means a natural outswinger will become an inswinger and conversely, an inswinger into an outswinger.

How does a heavy bat affect the momentum of a cricket ball?

the heiver the bat the harder it is to swing and hit the ball so a lighter bat will have more speed and power

Why cricket players are rubbing the ball to their clothes?

they rubbb the ball only one side by this one side become heavy than second side so ball is swing due to this

What is the effect of hot weather on the cricket pitch?

If a cricket pitch is exposed to heat and sunlight the moisture in the pitch evaporates and the surface becomes harder. This makes ball bounce more but reduces the swing on the ball. As a result ball carry improves and batting becomes easier.

How do you swing cricket ball?

well u actually have to hold ur fingers in a particular angle on the seam of the ball. To swing the ball into the wickets hold your middle and index finger across the seam and angle the ball into leg slip. This can only be done with the help of the shiny side and with loads of practice.

What role does friction play in the sport cricket game?

when cricket players make the ball swing 1 side is shined if the left side is shined then it swings in to the right handed bats and the rough hits the floor more friction makes the ball swing as the rough side will grip the pitch therefore keeping the seam straight

Which has more inertia-a cricket ball or a rubber ball?

cricket ball

What is bigger a tennis ball or a cricket ball?

cricket ball is bigger

What is outswing in cricket?

Outswing Means Swinging Away From The Batsman. The Ball Will "Spin" in The Air (Swing) From The LegSide To The Offside.

What is the hardness of a baseball and a cricket ball?

cricket ball

How do you calculate the ball speed in cricket?

In international cricket, simply a speed gun is used on the boundary line. However, in standard club cricket, you can video the delivery, note the distance, and time how long it takes the ball to get to the end of the pitch from the start of the delivery.

What is a page ball swing ball and yorker ball?

A yorker ball hits the cricket pitch around the batsman's feet. When a batsman assumes a normal stance this generally means that the cricket ball bounces on the cricket pitch on or near the batsman's popping crease. A batsman who advances down the wicket to strike the ball (typically to slower or spin bowlers) may by so advancing cause the ball to pitch (or land) at or around their feet and may thus cause themselves to be "yorked".

Why cricket ball swings in air?

It is because of the air friction. To make a ball swing one side is shined up and made smooth while the other side is left to be scuffed by the pitch and what not. When the ball travells through the air the shined side goes faster as there is less air resistance this causes the ball to swing to a side.

What is a reverse swing ball in cricket?

Reverse swing in an exact opposite of conventional cricket ball swing. It normally occurs when the ball gets a little old. Depending on weather conditions, pitch nature and environment around, the ball normally starts getting old after 20 to 25 overs. In Australia and South Africa, the ball normally starts reverse swinging around 40 to 45 overs. While the ball starts getting old, players on the ground (especially bowlers) try desperately to keep the shine on one side of the ball while the other side of the ball keeps getting rougher. Once there is a significant difference of shine and roughness on both sides of the ball, the ball starts swinging towards the shiny side. This is called reverse swing, however, it is not natural and the bowlers have to really work hard to deliver reverse swing. When the ball becomes very old - around 40 or more overs old - it begins to swing towards the shine. This is known as reverse swing- which means a natural outswinger will become an inswinger and conversely, an inswinger into an outswinger.

How heavy is a cricket ball?

Cricket ball is of 155.9 to 164gm.