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will not happen in a regular season game. record would be ex. 10-9-1

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Q: How do you calculate a tie game in to your record for baseball?
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What team is ahead record 1 2-1-1 record 2 2-2-0 win loss tie?

In baseball, there can not be a "2-1-1" record, simply because there can not be a tie in an official baseball game. A game can be suspended and played later, but such a game is considered no different from any other game to be finished later. Thus, the only real question is which record is better: 2-1 or 2-2. The answer is the former: a .667 winning percentage versus a .500 one.

What does a scoreless tie mean?

In baseball a scoreless tie cannot happen. A scoreless tie is one where there are no points scored when the game ends.

How do you calculate a tie high of a pallet?

How do you calculate a tie higj of a pallet

How many innings are in baseball?

usually nine unless there is a tie ballgame then the game could go on and on until the tie is broken

Whose NBA 3 point record if 12 threes in a game did donyell Marshall tie in 2005?

He tied Kobe Bryant's NBA 3pt record.

What World Series batting record did baseball player Brooks Robinson tie in the 1970 World Series?

Robinson's 9 base hits tied the World Series record for most base hits by a player in a 5 game World Series. This is still the record for a 5 game Series ... the last player accomplishing this was Sean Casey of the Tigers in the 2006 World Series.

What is a game that ends in a tie score?

A tie game.

What major league baseball teams holds the record for the most innings played in a single game?

The longest game, innings wise, in MLB history was in 1920 between the Brooklyn Robins and the Boston Braves. It lasted 26 innings and ended in a 1-1 tie.

What was the best win loss record for the Green Bay Packers?

In the 1929 season the Acme Packers went 12-0-1 with the 1 tie which is considered their best record. The tie came to a 0-0 game with the Frankford Yellow Jackets (1924-1931).

How does Gary teach SpongeBob tie his shoe?

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How many over times can you have in a game to call it a tie?

US Baseball had no limit. US Football had a limit.

What team record did Steve Grogan tie when the Patriots beat the Jets 56-3 in Foxborough in 1979?

TD passes in a game with 5.