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A bowlers strike rate is calculated by dividing the number of balls he or she has bowled by the number of wickets taken with those balls.

For example if a bowler has bowled 2000 balls in his career and has taken 50 wickets, he has a Bowling strike rate of 40.00. In other words the bowler has taken, on average, a wicket every 40 balls.

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Q: How do you calculate a bowling strike rate in cricket?
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How do you calculate strike rate in cricket?

Divide the number of runs scored by the number of deliveries faced.

What is virendra sehwag strike rate in test cricket?

Virendra Sehwag strike rate in test cricket is 82.17.

Who bowler is having the best strike rate in the Cricket?

The Bowler who has the best strike rate in cricket is Dale Steyn (South Africa).

Who has the best T20 strike rate?

David Warner (Australia) strike rate 171.31 in first class cricket

What is vivian Richards strike rate in test cricket?


Who has the highest strike rate in Indian cricket team?

yusuf pathan

Who has the record of having the highest strike rate in Test Cricket?

Shahid Khan Afridi From Pakistan Have The best Strike Rate Ever Any Batsman Had in Odi And In Test Cricket.Is he a cricketer?

What is the bowling economy in cricket?

Bowling economy is a measure of the rate of runs conceded by a bowler per over. It is calculated by dividing total runs conceded by number of overs bowled.

What is the meaning of strike rate in cricket?

number of runs scored divided by balls faced times by 100.

Who is the only batsman in world cricket who scored 7000 ODI run with a strike rate of over 100?


How much is standard rate bowling?

The rate of bowling is 3-4 pounds a game

Is 2-23 better than 2-16 in cricket?

a spell of bowling 2-23 and 2-16 the spell of 2-16 is far better as the bowler has given 7 runs less and has taken equal amount of wicktes ,he would have better rate of giving runs and his average per wicket is less and also better strike rate

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