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You go to a store and buy one.

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Q: How do you buy yonex badminton raquet?
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How do you wire a badminton raquet?

You can't if you need to rewire it then you have to by a new badminton raquet.

What is the worst yonex badminton racquet in the world?

The worst Yonex badminton racquet is the one you use worst.

Which is no 1 badminton?


Which company came first-Yonex or Jonex?

Yonex. Jonex isn't even a badminton brand.

Which is the world's costliest badminton racket?

yonex nanospeed 900

Which is a bigger raquet badminton or tennis?

A tennis raquet is bigger, and stronger too as it has to hit tennis balls not shuttlecock.

Does a badminton raquet get wrecked in the rain?

it wont get wrecked at all!

What is the priceof yonex badminton rackets muscle power 10?


Which string suitable for yonex muscle power 99?

badminton string

What is the priceof Yonex badminton racket muscle power 29 in India?


What is the best badminton racket of all time?

The Yonex Carbonex 21 in my opinion. :)

Who makes the most badminton rackets?

In quantity, Yonex is the company who makes the most raquets worldwide. In quality, it could be Yonex or the new Chinese company.