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You can go to your nearest skating shop or you can shop online. If you don't have a skating shop nearby, buy a pair online.

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Q: How do you buy figure skates?
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Where do you buy figure skates in Slovenia?

There is a shop for Risport skates in Ljubljana

Do figure skaters need a different kind of skates?

yes you can get figure skates but you can also figure skate in normal skates aswell xx

Are speed skates hockey skates or figure skates the longest?

Speed Skates have the longest blade.

What are the differences between speed skates and figure skates?

The speed skates have longer blades

Why do figure skates have a toe pick and not hockey skates?

That's because hockey skates are mainly for speed, and toe picks slow you down, and figure skates have toe picks which gives you more control.

Is ice skates one word or two words?

Two words, like figure skates, hockey skates, or roller skates .

Where you can buy figure skating boots?

play it again sports or most rinks have a shop or someone who sells skates for them

Who do speed skaters and figure-skaters wear different kinds of skates?

They're used for different purposes-- figure skates for jumps and spins and speed skates for speed.

Is 32.00 good for figure skates?

Ice skates can get extremely expensive occasionally. You can buy basic skates for very cheap or get skates custom made and fitted with a separate blade to suit you. I would say that your skates are probably quite basic, not that there is anything wrong with that for a beginner. I would think that unless you are landing big jumps or skating very regularly, your skates will be just fine to buy! make sure that you sharpen them too!

What do you need to be a figure skater?


How do you find out your size in figure skates?

Ge measured by someone who specializes in skates.

Difference of speed skates and figure skates?

figure skates are short, and have a "pick" at the front to help the skate to spins in the air. Speed Skates are more sleek, longer, and focoused on forward momentum insted of areal tricks.

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