How do you buy a pop-a-shot rim?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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You come talk to luke aldridge because he knows and has everything to do with Basketball. he holds every record in the hall of fame and is only 5'3"

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Q: How do you buy a pop-a-shot rim?
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How do you get a scratch out of a rim?

if it is bmx that your on about, you cannot really do it, you will have to buy a whole new rim. .

How do you spell rim?

yes. the 'rim' of a cup is the edge of the cup.

Where can I buy tire rims for my car?

You would be able to buy a rim from the maker of the car. For example, if you drive a Dodge, then go to the Dodge dealership. There, you will be able to order a rim for your car.

Do you have to be 21 to buy rim fire handguns?

In the US, yes.

Where to buy compact spare tire and rim?

Try a wrecking yard.

Are car rim bends common?

Yes, I usually buy old cars and keep them a couple years. Every one has had a bent rim

How do you stretened a wheel rim?

How do you straighten a wheel rim? You don't. There are some companies that repair aluminum rims. If it is a steel rim, throw it away and buy a new one. Check with your local junk yard for a good used rim if your short on cash.

Buy 32 rim fire ammo?

No, buy .50 Action Express, much more stopping power.

How do you replace a rim on a MTD Log Splitter?

Your best bet is to just just buy a new tire & rim combo rather then trying to replace the rim only. The amount of work and cost wouldn't be worth it.

Where can I buy a rim and tire package?

When replacing your tires , its not necessary to replace your rims as well, unless they are damaged in some way. offers good deals on tire and rim replacement packages.

Where can you buy Spumoni ice cream in San Antonio Tx?

Maggiano's at the Rim has a ral good spumoni

Can tire and rim upgrades be purchased together as a package deal?

Usually, you have to buy rim and tire upgrades together. It is also cheaper than paying for someone to unmount old tires or rims and then remount them.