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Q: How do you build ronaldinho face in pes2012 PC game?
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Will the pes team made the new pes2012 game for ps2?

yes and it is out i have it

Does ronaldinho come out in FIFA 12 game?

Yes, Ronaldinho is in FIFA 12.

Was Ronaldinho a hero?

I don't know about a hero, but he changed the game of soccer a lot.

What team is ronaldinho in fifa 13?

Ronaldinho plays for Atlético Mineiro in fifa 13. He is a legend who derived interests of various people in this game. He played game with a positive attitude which i liked the most in his style.

Is ronaldo good at free kicks on fifa 09?

Ronaldo and Ronaldinho are the best on the game at freekicks.

Which player has appeared the most number of times on the FIFA game cover?

ronaldinho appeared on fifa game cover in 2006,2007,2008 and 2009

How do you beat the wizards vs ogres game on poptropica?

first you build a wall out of the little bricks, then you are going to have to face the ogres, then once you kill them you win the game.

What on earth is joga bonito ronaldinho?

Joga bonito is a Portuguese phrase that means The Beautiful Game. During the 2006 world cup, a series of ad campaigns were created to promote the world cup. In these adverts Ronaldinho was featured.

Did ronaldinho play with rivaldo?

They played together for Brazil. They were both members of the 2002 World Cup winning team. They also both scored in the quarter final against England, with Ronaldinho being sent off in that game.

Can you use game face in Madden?

Yes you can use game face in madden.

When was Game Face created?

Game Face was created on 2001-12-18.

Who is your best player in all sports?

my first player in football ofcourse is ronaldinho then iniesta then messi and in tennis game is sur rafa nadal