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You go into overtime. It would be 5 extra minutes

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free throw contest. which ever team makes the most free throws out of 5 wins

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Q: How do you break the tie in basketball league game?
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What is a word for innings break?

The word is tie or tie game. It is the cause for extra innings to break the tie.

What is a tie break?

It is the last resort to see who wins that "game"

What is an odd game people to break a tie?

who can throw the best party

When does a tie-break occur in a game of tennis?

At 6 all in a set, then you play a 7-point-tie break. Sometimes, you play a 10-point-tie break in the lieu of the third set... it depends. To improve on this answer I have played tennis for years so in a set you play a tie breaker in a 5 all set

Will you be charges for a timeout if you have to tie your shoe lace during a Basketball game?

Nope. The refs will allow that.

How long can a game last basketball?

Am official game lasts 48 minutes. a basketball game usually 2 hours

What do you call it when it's the last game to break a tie?

A tiebreak or sometimes a tiebreaker.

Who can break the tie?

The president can break the tie because he/she is the boss.

In basketball what is a tie ball?

it's when a ball appears on a fan's tie

How do you finish game in rugby league?

When the 80th minture buzzer rings, if teams are tie, golden point..

What does 7 6 7 mean in tennis scoring?

the first two numbers show that the set was decided by a tie break, as its only in a tie break that the game tally can be 7-6. The last number shows you the number of points that the person who lost the set got in that tie break, in this case, is 7. This tells you that the person who won the set got 2 more points in the tie break, i.e. 9. So 7-6 (13) means it went all the way to 15-13 in the tie break.

Can a baseball game end in a tie by mutual agreement of both teams?

This would depend on your league. In all cases, the game is played till there is a winner delcared. Only exceptions would be if your league has an exception.