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either put them on for a long time and put something shoe sized and shaped and tie laces

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you just gotta play or practice

-that's what Landon Donovan says in his bibliography written by joe Williams

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Q: How do you break in Mercurial vapor football boots?
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What are Luka modric football boots?

nike mercurial vapor 3

What football boots do Bellamy wear?

he wears nike mercurial vapor ivs

What Football Boots Are Worn By C.Ronaldo in 2010?

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly 2 Firm Ground Football Boots

What purpose does Nike's Mercurial Vapor boots serve?

Nike Mercurial Vapor is a football shoe first released in 2002. It is famous for having light weight materials and is therefore supposed to increase the speed of movement.

Where can you buy nike mercurial vapor Rosa football boots?

nowhere, this was a one time edition and also very rare

What boots does didier drogba wear?

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly... there £224.99

Where can you buy nike mercurial vapor II boots at besides eBay?

there might be some at prodirectsoccer

Do any Manchester united players wear Nike mercurial vapor pro boots?

sometimes it depends

What boots does Juan Mata wear?

currently Mata wears this colourway of the mercurial vapor Superfly III's

Can you get nike mercurial vapor IV soccer boots in the Philippines?

Yes at sm north edsa ,megamall,moa,trinoma and

Different between Nike mercurial veloci and Nike Mercurial Vapor?

The Vapor does have lace cover and is made of carbone fiber.The mercurial Veloci doesn't have the lace cover and is of the same materials as the vapor.

When were mercurial vapours made?

1998 - Ronaldo wears the Nike Air Mercurial football boots. 2002 - Ronaldo wears the boots in the semi finals and final of the 2002 World Cup. 2004 - Thierry Henry gets in on the act by joining Ronaldo as they launch the Vapor II. 2006 - Featuring Tejin microfibers, the Vapor III comes out out in white and gold. 2008 - A massive year for the Vapor IV as no less than 10 colourways are released including the infamous Pink Berry. 2008 - First pictures begin to emerge of the Vapor V.