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The B button

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Q: How do you block in NBA street Homecourt?
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When did NBA Street Homecourt happen?

NBA Street Homecourt happened in 2007.

When was NBA Street Homecourt created?

NBA Street Homecourt was created on 2007-02-19.

What are the NBA Street Homecourt cheat codes?


What is the name of the basketball court where Carmelo Anthony honed his skills in Baltimore?

Cloverdale courts like in the NBA Street Homecourt game HELLO!

How do you unlock street ball legends in NBA street homecourt?

You will have to buy it at the xbox marketplace, they have the legends, new face customization also more courts.

How do you do a game breaker on nba street homecourt?

once your trick meter is all the way 2 da right the color of the screen will change and once you have the ball go to mid-court and press Y. Note:u have 2 make da shot to move ur meter

When did NBA Street happen?

NBA Street happened in 2001.

Has any NBA team won three games on their homecourt in NBA championship in a 2-3-2 format?

Yes, the 2006 Miami Heat lost two games in Dallas to the Mavericks, but won the next four in a row to win the championship.

When did NBA Street Showdown happen?

NBA Street Showdown happened in 2005.

When was NBA Street created?

NBA Street was created on 2001-06-18.

What is the basketball video game where you start out as a street player and advance into the NBA?

NBA Street

When was NBA Street Showdown created?

NBA Street Showdown was created on 2005-04-27.