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You have to build a level 10 Moonglow Tower and then purify 50,000 of each resource. You also need to have 40,000 units of gold. When you have done that, go into Research and click on Title Advancement. That will give you a new window called Research Details. Go to the bottom of the window and click on Research.

You are now an Earl.

If you want to become a higher than earl you will either have to purify 400,000 of each resource and spend 320,000 gold to become a level 1 or 2 earl. But you can skip the whole purify thing by building a castle. Though, do not build a castle until you have 3 or more cities and more than 1,000 troops. If your part of a major alliance you might want to have a total troop count of 2,000,000 for all of your cities before castling.

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Q: How do you become an earl on Lord of Ultima?
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