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to become a good soccer player in Canada is the same as it is in the usa.its not different. it takes determination,skill,timing,good shape and mostly luck because if u are lucky u can always have high self esteem to win the game

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Q: How do you become a pro soccer player if you live in Canada?
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What are you long term goals?

To live to be 100. to become a professional basketball or soccer player

How can i become a basketball player and play in the NBA if i live in Canada?


How is it like to be a soccer player?

It is the greatest feeling ever! Long live soccer!!!!

Who is best soccer player of Afghanistan?

The best soccer player of Afghanistan is Masroor Jafari. Who currently live in Australia and play for Melbourne Victory.

Where does Pele the soccer player live now?

Pele the famous soccer star now lives in the U.s.A.

Where does soccer player Kaka live?

kaka lives in Brazil

National game of Argentina?

The national sport of Argentina is soccer or "football" if you do not live in the United States or Canada.

When did wearing seat belts become law?

Depends on where you live, Where I live in Alberta Canada 1987

What are the requirments to be a soccer player?

There is a lot of requirements so you can become a pro soccer player. one of the most important ones is your attitude toward your coach and other people, you have to have SKILL, STRENGTH, TECHNICAL, MAJIC, TALENT, AND FAITH. If you have a dream of becoming a pro soccer player like me you should make your dream come true, and if you do not have a dream you should not even play soccer. i live in Mt. city GA. 30562. MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE- NEVER GIVE UP.

How much do good soccer players get paid?

First of all, it depends where you live. But the salary of a soccer player all depends on the player and how good they are. It will probably range from in the 30,000's US to the millions US.

You like soccer and football but you just can play one what should you play?

Soccer, you live longer. On the other hand, if you are really good at football, a professional career is always a possibility, and a much better chance at being a professional football player than a professional soccer player.

Where does alexz Johnson the instant star movie player live?

Somewhere in Canada.

Who does a professional soccer player live with?

His parents, his girlfriend, his wife, in lodgings, by himself. The same as anyone else.

Where do you live if you are a professional soccer player?

You live under the football field at your club. There are tunnels and burrows, where the whole team lives. You emerge for training and games.

Can one have cp and MD?

Of course! But to become a Md you have to live in Canada and be 18 years or older.

How do you become a good soccer player?

You need passion, skill, mind. Eat, Breathe, Live soccer. Watch it on Tv. Watch it on your Pc. Listen to it on your Radio. Play it. Practice Everday. Be something Great.

What are the release dates for Live Life and Win - 2011 Extraordinary Soccer Player Offshore Sailor Special Gymnasts 2-5?

Live Life and Win - 2011 Extraordinary Soccer Player Offshore Sailor Special Gymnasts 2-5 was released on: USA: 27 October 2012

In what months do people play soccer?

Soccer can be played year round. depending where you live. if you live in a cold place there is indoor soccer. if you live in a warm climate area you can play inside and out.

Where do wolverine live in Canada?

They live in Northern Canada

Where does Andy Carroll live?

At the moment he is a Liverpool soccer player on loan to West Ham United (a London based team).

Are there any famous people that live in Portsmouth?

yes there is a soccer player in Portsmouth named aaron mokoena

How long does an average soccer player live?

Hey, it's me DesTin3Y, I played soccer for four years. For my school Ouachit Parish High. I think an average soccer player caN live up to about 70-75 years. Depending on the player we are fit and kept in shape. Which is very good in years to come with life challenges. All of the women and men U.S. Players are still living today. At least that I know of all the great ones that is. Mia Hamm is still living it up healthy and still in shape. I'm still in shape. An average soccer player runs 7-9 miles in every game.

In what parts of Canada do koalas live?

Koalas do not live in Canada.

How can you live in Canada and work in the us?

Because Canada is a part of us, that's why we can live in Canada.

Club Penguin-how do you become a moderator?

To become a moderator on Club Penguin, you need to be at least 18 years old. Also, you need to live in or around Canada.

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