How do you become a babe magnet?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: How do you become a babe magnet?
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What are the release dates for For Better or for Worse The Babe Magnet - 1994 TV?

For Better or for Worse The Babe Magnet - 1994 TV was released on: USA: 5 March 1994

What is a babe magnet?

A babe magnet is usually an attractive man but can sometimes be an item, animal, or child that attracts women to it's attention giving the man a chance to make a move.

How a steel nail can become a magnet?

No it can't become a magnet.

Is jusin bieber a babe magnet if so why?

because he's hot and the cutest guy in the world!

How did a magnet become a magnet?

Ask a Mormon only they know how they work.

Will rod magnet still become a magnet when it cut across into thin slices?

yes.when you slice a rod magnet it will still be considered as a magnet

Why did Babe Ruth become successful?

he was a good baseball player

When did babe Ruth become the manager of the Boston braves?


Did Babe Ruth become obsessed with his sport and how?

no but, he loved baseball

What type of magnet can only attract materials when it is touching another magnet?

Metals not magnetic, but permeable will become magnets when near or touching a permanent magnet. You can stroke some metals in the same direction repeatedly on a magnet and make it a magnet.

How did George Babe Ruth become famous?

he hit home runs

Did someone help babe Ruth become famous?

The Boston Redsox