How do you become a Texas ranger?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Must have about 6-8 years in law enforcement, 4 at a Texas State Trooper, must have graduated from the Texas State Trooper Academy, and have some college. The average Texas Ranger is about 45. The north Texas Ranger HQ is not in Dallas as seen on TV, but Garland. Rangers hold one of the noblest positions in American history. So honored, in fact, little recruiting has ever been needed. In the past, it has not been unusual for more than 200 officers to apply for only a few of these elite openings. The following special requirements apply along with the qualifications required for entry employment with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Step1 Take the entrance exam. Applicants with the highest scores will then appear before an Oral Interview Board prior to final selection.

Step2 Make sure you meet the requirements for consideration. You must be a citizen of the United States of America, in exceptional physical condition, and have an outstanding record of 6-8 years of experience with an authentic law enforcement agency pledged principally in the investigation of major crimes. The applicant must currently be employed as a commissioned officer with the Texas Department of Public Safety in the position of at least the rank of Trooper II.

Step3 Have a background check. You must be subject to a thorough investigation, reflecting good moral character and ethics as an absolute must. Applicants must possess a valid Texas driver's license free of any limitations that would compromise the applicant' capability to fulfill his duties.

Step4 Expect to be working with law enforcement agencies of all sizes including local, county, state and federal officers.

Step5 Be prepared to investigate crimes that range from as murders, kidnappings and other violent crimes, to computer crimes and cattle rustling.

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Q: How do you become a Texas ranger?
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