How do you beat super stacker 3?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: How do you beat super stacker 3?
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Where can you play super stacker 3 online?

There isn't a super stacker 3 yet

How do you beat stack 17 on super stacker?

you just concentrate on it?

How do you beat level 30 in super stacker 2?

like this

Is ther a super stacker 3?

yes there will be in late 2010. what do YOU think of super stacker? please vote on

How do you beat level 24 in super stacker?

practice and do something differently then you did before

Is there a super stacker 3?

No, Not Yet anyway

How do you beat level 10 on super stacker?

stack the shapes so they dont fall

When is super stacker 3 coming out?

Its coming out in late 2010.

Where can you find cheat codes for super stacker 2?

type in super stacker 2

How do you beat level 17 papa stacker?

papa stacker

How do you beat super stacker 2 level 20?

you get the circles put them on top of each other and then you put the sqaures on top of the blocks :)

Is there cheats for Super Stacker 2?

no because you dont type in codes if you want to cheat play super stacker 1