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If your opponent is worse than you, then it should be pretty easy to beat him or her.

Since your opponent is worse than you, just hold serve (get your serve in the service box by any means to prevent from double faulting), and always remember the basic tennis skills.

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Q: How do you beat someone who is worse than you in a tennis match?
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Who is the first female tennis player to beat male tennis player?

The most famous female tennis player to beat a male player was when Billie Jean King beat Bobbie Riggs in the "Challenge of the Sexes." The match was held at the Houston Astrodome on September 20, 1973. 30,000 people came to watch the event and more than 50 million saw it on TV after Bobby was quoted to have said that he wanted women "back into the house where they belong."

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On September 20, 1973 Billie Jean King played a tennis match against Bobby Riggs. The match was called "The Battle of the Sexes". The match was played in Texas at the Houston Astrodome. Riggs had publicly stated that women's tennis was inferior to men's tennis and that no women could beat him in tennis. The prize money for the match was $100,000 with the entire amount going to the winner. King easily defeated Riggs and became a hero in women's tennis.

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She was a woman tennis player and she beat Bobby Riggs, a man tennis player.

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