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You need to score the most points.

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Q: How do you beat flip flop football on nflrz?
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Can your intestines flip flop?

can intestant flip flop

How can you convert T flip-flop into D flip-flop?

A T flip-flop can be converted in to a D flip-flop by introducing an inverter in the conductor that links the j and k terminals in the T flip-flop.

What is the use of clock in flip flop?

The use of the clock in a flip-flop is to give pulses to the flip-flop at regular intervals.

What are the advantages of JK flip-flop compared to clocked SR flip-flop?

the advantage of JK flip-flop compared to clocked SR flip

What is the full form of T flip flop?

Toggles flip flop

Why is a flip flop called a flip flop?

when you walk, it makes noises

How will you convert a D flip flop into JK flip flop?

you don't

Which flip flop is called as latch?

latch is a transparent circuit and flip-flop is a triggered circuit, so no flip-flop is individually called latch but flip-flop contains two latches for the operation of flip-flop and simply flip-flop is edge triggered or pulse triggered but latch is a level-triggered..

When an inverter is placed between both inputs of an S-R flip-flop the resulting flip-flop is?

D flip-flop

Why Flip-flop is used?

A flip flop is a bistable device which has two states either high or low. It changes states according to the signal fed into it. There are the following kinds of flip flops: SR flip flop, JK flip flop, D flip flop, T flip flop. The output ggiven by a flip flop can be fed as input to some another flip flop. And aamong the two outputs one is the normal one and the another one is it's compliment..

Why d flip flop is better then clocked sr flip flop?


Full form of sr flip flop?

set reset flip flop

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