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You need to score the most points.

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Q: How do you beat flip flop football on nflrz?
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Can your intestines flip flop?

can intestant flip flop

When an inverter is placed between both inputs of an S-R flip-flop the resulting flip-flop is?

D flip-flop

Why is a flip flop called a flip flop?

when you walk, it makes noises

What is the full form of T flip flop?

Toggles flip flop

How will you convert a D flip flop into JK flip flop?

you don't

Why d flip flop is better then clocked sr flip flop?

the advantage of JK flip-flop compared to clocked SR flip

What is j -k in flip flop?

The JK in JK flip flop stands for Jack Kilby who was the inventor of JK flip flop.His complete name was Jack St. Clair Kilby.

When was Flip Flop Rock created?

Flip Flop Rock was created in 2003.

What is the flip flop draw the circuit diagrem of all flip flop and explain the working of flip flop using nor gates?

draw a logic circuit of the clocked SR flip-flop using NOR gate

What are the functions of preset and clear in flip-flop?

A flip-flop is used to store state information.When a low is applied to the CLR input the flip-flop will be cleared.If a low is applied to the PR input, the flip-flop will be preset.

How do you convert SR flip flop into edge triggered flip flop with preset and clear input?

An SR flip-flop can be converted into an edge triggered flip-flop with preset and clear inputs by adding the clock and the asynchronous inputs.

What are the advantages of flip-flop?

If you need an electronic device with two stable states, a flip flop will provide that. But if that isn't what you need, a flip flop is generally useless.