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Well, that's sort of a tricky question, If you were me and made a warrior and a bard, you first do everything like the first game ,Chaos of mana, Fight upgrade and fight, make sure to save the game though.

Heres some tips

1. Don't get cheerleaders till you are on your fourth level.

2. The Best way to get money is the training ground.

3. Make sure you upgrade your weapon and armor first then the helmets and greaves.

Boss tips

1. the first and second or first should be really easy.

2. the green slug dudes who talk like weirdos: Kill the talismans, only attack one, not the other.

3. on the red headed boss, with your fury strike on your warrior hit him until hes about to 1/4 of his strength then do chaos strike.

4.When you are fighting Ride just do Sonic wave and chaos strike, do the same with Baba, if you don't have a bard or warrior like, do your most powerful move.

5.make sure you have the best armor you can get.

Good luck

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Q: How do you beat champions of chaos on agame?
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