How do you beat a trap in basketball?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Basketball teams must be prepared to beat a trapping team. Many teams will use a full-court press which is designed to trap the basketball, while other teams will use a half-court trapping defense or a combination of both. Traps are usually set by two defenders on one offensive player with the ball. The most common areas teams try to trap the basketball are the half-court line, the sidelines and the baseline. * Don't Dribble Into A Trap

* Pass The Basketball When You See The Trap Coming

* Avoid Common Trapping Area When Possible. (Half-Court, Sideline, Baseline)

* Remember If Two Defenders Trap One Offensive Player Then There Will Be An Open Player Somewhere On The Court. Find The Open Player and Pass The Basketball Over the Trap

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Q: How do you beat a trap in basketball?
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