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a great way is to join a club that plays on weekends.

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Q: How do you be dedicated in soccer?
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What are Mia Hamm accomplishments?

She was one of the best and most dedicated female soccer players of her time.

What team do Juve fans root for?

These are fans of the soccer club Juventus Ultas. They root, just like any other soccer club fan, for the victory of the soccer club they are dedicated to: Juventus Ultas.

Where can you get neon soccer cleats?

Neon soccer cleats can be found at almost any dedicated soccer store. A lot of it will depend on trends in the market and what manufacurers have put out there for a given year. Online soccer shops also appear to have a very large selection of cleats, so get googling.

Where online can someone find up to date information on score for US Soccer?

Many, if not all, sports broadcast companies in the US have a section dedicated to soccer. The ESPN website has a section where one can look at all the scores from the MLS (Major League Soccer, which is an American soccer league.

What is featured on the American TV network GOL?

GOL is dedicated to the sport of soccer. They show matches from the soccer leagues of Brazil, Argentina, and German Bundesliga. The channel is available in the English and Spanish languages.

How difficult is it for an adult player to learn to play soccer WELL if they are really dedicated?

Not difficult at all! Most areas have clinics, especially in the summer, and many of them offer adult clinics. Costs can vary, check with your local soccer association.

Is soccer more fun than surfing?

it matters what you like. surfing, I would say, would be harder to learn (not saying that soccer isn't hard- but it's easy to understand). if you're dedicated, like the ocean, and have a lot of time, why not surf?

How is Mia Hamm different from woman who play soccer today?

MiaH a m m is a dedicated person. Her passion is playing football. She understands her role in the game.

What soccer team is better Spain or Portugal?

Spain are the better team, play better football but portugal have hot looking player and some true and dedicated fans

If you play soccer in college will you become pro?

quite possible, if you're dedicated Only if you find someone who will pay you to play for them Only if you find someone who will pay you to play for them

What is the dedicated bus?

what is dedicated bus

What is the abbreviation for dedicated?

dedicated to Barbara

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