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Basically you need a good soccer training. You need to be equipped of the different types of skills in order to help you offense team mates to score. It is all about knowing how to block, to pass, having the speed and the agility to go pass your opponents. You can also gain all these through proper soccer drills and use of soccer training equipment.

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Q: How do you be a good defense in soccer?
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What does fullback do in soccer?

He plays defense

What is another word of defense in soccer?

Another word for what the defense on a soccer team is doing is blocking. They are blocking the ball from the goal.

What does the position defense in soccer do?

Defense or a defender helps the goalie put incase the goalie can not get the ball.the defense posistion in soccer is supposed to keep the other team from scoring. when the defense gets the ball, their job is to get it up to the offense

Should you wear a cup in middle school soccer?

A cup is better worn than a plate. Good luck. Defense!

What are the soccer positions?

Center middle and defense goalie

What is a position that plays mostly defense in soccer?


What does the sweaper position in soccer do?

It is called a sweeper. They play behind the defense. They are the last line of defense.

What does marking mean in soccer?

In Soccer to mark someone means to play aggressive defense on that person.

What do you call the players in soccer that are actually playing not defense?


What does the defense do in a soccer game?

They defend the net from goals happening...

Who has the best defense in soccer by country?

Italy are the best defenders

How many positions in soccer?

There are 4 positions in soccer. There are goalies, defense, offense, and mid field [forward].

Can you use hands in soccer?

No you can't if you are forward of defense. Only the goalie is allowed to use their hands in soccer.

Is defense mechanism good or bad?

Defense is usually good.

What position plays offense and defense in soccer?

A Position in soccer that is both offensive and defensive is the position central mifield

Is Soccer is a good? is a sport.

Is South Korea good at soccer?

Korea is not good at soccer

What are the 4 different position in soccer?

# goalkeeper # midfield # defense # forward

What is thedifferent pisiotion of the players in soccer?

you can be goalie, forward, midfielder, and defense

Soccer field possitions?

Offense-Strikers. Midfield, Defense, Goalie.

What position is locateed between the offense and defense in soccer?

That would be the midfield.

How many postions on a soccer team?

Goalie, Defense, Midfield, Offense

How do you write a sentence using defense?

The defense attorney will explain why his client is innocent. Do you prefer to play offense or defense on the soccer team? Afraid for her safety, she enrolled in a self defense class.

What does defense do in soccer?

Basically defense stops the offending team form scoring on your goal if your other teammates have failed to do so.

What do midfielders do on a soccer team?

Midfeilders play offense and defense during the soccer game they play wherever ey are needed