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Firstly what type of trampoline do u want? Because there are the black tightly weaves elastic ones which are quite common and are found in back gardens and the sports ones. In my back garden I have a 10ft which is good but my friend has a 14ft (I think) which is huge and therefore much bouncier. (REMEMBER- always get a safety net so you can't fall off) then there is also the indoors trampolines which are incredibly bouncy and are often rectangular and are White thick strips of elastic loosely woven so that you can bounce really high! These are really expensive though and also have to be indoors and you will need safety mats all around it. I think these are a standard size and don't vary alot. DON'T GET ANY SMALLER THAN 10 ft for outdoors garden though because you can barely move and I only just fit! :) hope this helps

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First,you jump multiple times (that makes you get more air) then get enough air that you can bend your head back.Then, you lean back lift your feet off the trampoline as I said lean back then once you land on your bottom or feet then do it again and again and that is how you are be able to do a backflip on a trampoline multiple times

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Q: How do you backflip multiple times on a trampoline on a trampoline?
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