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The pitcher win/loss count is the same as it is in the majors.

If his team is winning when he is replaced, then he leaves with a W, but if any of the other pitchers on his team let the opponents tie the game or more, he no longer has a W, but cannot lose the game. He will just get a no-decision.

If his team is already losing when he gets pulled from the game, he leaves with an L, but if his team ends up winning the game, he no longer has an L, but does not get credit for winning the game. He will get a no-decision.

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Q: How do you assign Pitcher win or loss 6 inning little league game?
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Can a pitcher re enter in little league majors?

No. Pitchers can re-enter once in Juniors and above, but there is no re-entry as a pitcher in Majors and below in Little League.

Can little league pitcher throw a curve ball?

If he is skilled enough

Can a little league pitcher stop his throwing motion when a hitter shows bunt?


If a little league pitcher throws warmup pitches is he required to pitch to a batter?

Only if the pitcher warms up on the diamond.

Can a little league pitcher switch throwing hands?

Pat Venditte did, so yeah.

What is the distance between home plate and the pitcher mount for little league?

46 feet

How many steps for little league base distance?

For little league they are usually 46-60 meaning 46 ft from pitcher to catcher and 60 ft from the bases

What is the height of a Little League pitcher?

Honestly, it varies. I've seen short little league pitchers that are the best. But speaking from what experts would say, the upper 5 feet, 5'8, 5'9, etc. Less then that as well, though. If your a little league pitcher, or your son is, don't let the lack of height get you down. Anything is possible.

What is the typical suspension for a little league manager or coach after using an ineligible pitcher?

one game

How fast do kids in little league world series throw?

from 50-80 depending on the pitcher

Can the pitcher block the plate in little league if he doesn't have the ball?

No, he can not. Since he does not have the ball he will be called for interference.

How many times can a pitcher hit the batter?

a little league pitcher can hit a kid up to 4 times but it depends on wear like if you hit them in the head twice than your out and cant pitch but if you hit them inb the leg then you can hit them again unless you hit someone twice in 1 inning