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Q: How do you adjust timeout period of the watchdog timer?
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Why the least time of watchdog timer is 18ms?

Not knowing your application or context, I cannot give a definite answer. However, having spent 30 years working on US military cockpit avionics display systems, this is a common number used in these contexts for the watchdog timeout period. The video field rate is 60Hz, resulting in a field time of 16.667ms. The watchdog timeout period is set to 18ms to allow a little over a millisecond longer than the field time before resetting the processor, to allow for some video sync timing jitter. Systems that were primarily stroke oriented typically used a watchdog timeout of about 17ms instead, to keep the field rate closer to 60Hz even when a timeout happened. A few systems I worked on had watchdog timeout periods of 0.1s or longer. It all depended on application and context.

What is watchdog timer in microcontroller?

the watchdog timer is a circuit that will simply time out sending an alert telling peripheral devices that data is incorrect or at least non reliable

What does watchdog means in terms of technically?

watchdog timer is a 16 bit counter that resets the processor when it rolls over to zero. The processor can reset the counter or turn it off, but, correctly used, it will reset the processor in case of a code crash

What does a flasher circuit in a ladder logic program look like?

Timer1 Timer2 Done Timing ---|/|---------|/|---------[Timer On - Timer 1]--- Timer2 Timer1 Done Timing ---|/|---------|/|---------[Timer On - Timer 2]--- Timer1 Timing Flash --| |--------------------( )------- Adjust the preset time for timer1 to change your "flash on" duration. Adjust the preset time for timer2 to change your "flash off" duration.

Does this microwave have a timer on it?

Yes this microwave does include a timer. It also has a special sensor that can adjust cooking time and power levels for favorite foods. Yes, this Whirlpool microwave does have a timer on it. You can set it and it will ring telling you that the time is up.

How is the period related to the frequency of a timer?

Period and frequency are mutual reciprocal. Period = 1/frequency Frequency = 1/period

How do you shutdown a computer on the network and set timer and comment?

shutdown -m \\computername - Remote computer to shutdown/restart/abort shutdown -t xx - Set timeout for shutdown to xx seconds

What is the period and frequency of a recording timer?

the period is 1/60 s or 0.017s and the frequency is 60Hz

What is the timer and how do you adjust it on a 86 Honda Accord?

basically it is the distributor. public library usually has books to help

Why is the timer control hidden at the run time in visual basic?

It is not hidden, it simply does not have a visual runtime component for no other reason than that it does not require one. A timer is defined by what occurs when the timeout elapses -- not what happens while the timer is counting. If you require a visual aspect you are free to create one but there's no point in creating a visual component that, in the vast majority of cases, would be completely superfluous.

What is the use of resistance in timer?

The resistor and capacitor helps you to adjust the time period (or frequency) of the timer. (Usually astable multivibrator is used as a timer in electronic circuits) More the resistance, less is the current flowing through it. If the current flowing through is it to charge the capacitor is less, then the capacitor charges slowly. The timer changes it's state when the capacitor charges to a specific voltage ( Usually 1/3Vcc or 2/3Vcc). As it is made to charge slowly due to the high resistance, the clock frequency decreases. In the same way, to increase the frequency of the timer, the resistance value needs to be reduced.

How many timeouts 20sec full timeouts does a NBA team get in a game?

Section VI-20-Second TimeoutA player's request for a 20-second timeout shall be granted only when the ball is dead or in control of the team making the request. A request at any other time shall be ignored.EXCEPTION: The head coach may request a 20-second timeout if there is a suspension of play to administer Comments on the Rules-N-Guidelines for Infection Control.a. Each team is entitled to one (1) 20-second timeout per half for a total of two (2) per game, including overtimes.b. During a 20-second timeout a team may only substitute for one player. If the team calling the 20-second timeout replaces a player, the opposing team may also replace one player.EXCEPTION: In the last two minutes of the fourth period and/or any overtime period, free substitution is permitted by both teams.c. If a second 20-second timeout is requested during a half (including over-times), it shall be granted. It will automatically become a charged regular timeout. Overtimes are considered to be an extension of the second half.d. The official shall instruct the timer to record the 20 seconds and to inform him when the time has expired. An additional regular timeout will be charged if play is unable to resume at the expiration of that 20-second time limit.EXCEPTION: No regular timeout remaining and an injured player on the court.e. This rule may be used for any reason, including a request for a rule interpretation. If the correction is sustained, no timeout shall be charged.f. Players should say "20-second timeout" when requesting this time.g. If a 20-second timeout is requested by the offensive team during the last two minutes of the fourth period and/or any overtime period and (1) the ball is out-of-bounds in the backcourt (except for a suspension of play), or (2) after securing the ball from a rebound and prior to any advance of the ball, or (3) after the offensive team secures the ball from a change of possession and prior to any advance of the ball, the timeout should be granted. Upon resumption of play, the team granted the timeout shall have the option of putting the ball into play at the 28' hash mark in the frontcourt or at the designated spot out-of-bounds. If the ball is put into play at the hash mark, the ball may be passed into either the frontcourt or backcourt. If it is passed into the backcourt, the team will receive a new 8-second count.h. If a 20-second timeout has been granted and a mandatory timeout by the same team is due, only the mandatory timeout will be charged.i. A 20-second timeout shall not be granted to the defensive team during an official's suspension-of-play for (1) delay-of-game warning, (2) retrieving an errant ball, (3) an inadvertent whistle or (4) any other unusual circumstance.EXCEPTION: Suspension of play for a player bleeding. See Comments on the Rules-N.