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How do I activate my skycaddie SG5 ?

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Q: How do you activate sg5 sky caddie?
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Which golf gps systems are available in black?

The Sky Caddie SG5 comes in a black model. This will make your game of golf direction worry free, and also keep you quite stylish if you like the color black. Here is a link...

How many courses does the sky-caddie rangefinder hold?

The sky caddie will hold up to 10 courses at a time. If you choose the in state plan ($29.95 per year) you can download every course in the sky caddie library for your state but it still only holds ten courses at a time.

Sky caddie how do you register a course?

Its paced off by humans

What is a reputable dealer for the Sky Caddie SG4?

The Sky Caddie SG4 is a GPS tool which aids golfers in completing courses. It will advise the user of various sandpits, water traps, and how far the distance to the hole is. They can be purchased directly from the Sky Caddie website, as well as many golf pro shops located on courses.

Do sky cards have to have a sky card decoder?

Yes, they have to activate your sky card in your decoder before sending it to you. If you already have a box though they can send you a Sky viewing card only. In order to have it activated then they would have to send activation signals to your box to activate your card

How many miles from luton AIRPORT to hitchin sg5?

9 miles following A550.

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IS Oak Run golf course available on Sky Caddie?

Oak Run golf course is available on PasturePool Golf for web or iPhone