How do wrestlers bleed?

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Wrestlers bleed like any normal people, through their veins. most times they cut themselves on purpose, for effect, an act known as "blading". the second most prevalent cause of wrestlers bleeding is called "juicing the hard way", ie. taking a screwdriver, barbed wire , etc, to the head for real and opening a vessel. then there are accidents. take a look at the blood literally pouring out of Vince McMahon's head in his match against Shawn Michaels ( the one with the garbage-can-through-the-table-off-the-top-rope) that was an accident and you can see a pool of blood form under him. another one was Terry Funk in a tag match with Mick Foley, Foley accidentally poked him in the eye with barbed wire, there was alot of blood. A lot of people outright dismiss Wrestling as "fake" . It is not so cut and dried. You cant fake suplexes through tables, you cant fake falling through/off a cage, you cant fake a powerbomb. moves like the "stone cold stunner" in wrestling most often don't even hit the person, but he falls down anyway. the guys are putting on a SHOW, that is why Vince McMahon calls it sports entertainment. anyone reading this who thinks wrestling is 100% "fake" should go out into a wrestling ring and let someone Batista bomb you, or put you through a table then lets see if you move very far without help. It is a show, yes, the story lines are all fake yes, predetermined winners, yes, but the moves are real. and so is the blood, 90% of the time. the men performing are highly trained and in amazing physical shape to do what they do, but they are basically acting in a muscular, sweaty soap opera.

Linda McMahon described WWE as " a soap opera that runs 52 weeks a year" .

watch the "don't try this at home " warning, the announcer says "Yes, this IS entertainment, but the hazards are real". it IS entertainment, and the hazards ARE real.

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Q: How do wrestlers bleed?
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