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How can we contact Cleveland Browns owner

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Q: How do we get in contact with browns owner?
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Who is the Cleveland Browns owner?

Randy Lerner

Does bernie kosar own the browns?

No Randy Lerner is the owner.

What year did the Cleveland Browns go on hiatus from the NFL?

In 1996, owner Art Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore, changing their name to the Ravens.

Who owns the Cleveland Browns?

The current owner of the Cleveland Browns is Randy Lerner. He has been the owner of the Cleveland Browns since 2002. Ownership of the Browns was passed on to him after his father Al Lerner died in October 2002. The family founded MBNA which was recently acquired by Bank of America. Estimates place Randy Lerner's net worth at over 1.5 billion dollars.

What does the A L on the Cleveland Browns jersey represent?

AL is for Al Lerner, owner of the Browns when they came back into the NFL in 1999 who passed away in 2002. His son, Randy, is the current owner.

How do match serial number to owner?

contact your state police. they can (if they will) contact FBI with serial number of gun to see if it matches a current owner..................

What does the AL on the browns jersey mean?

The initials stand for owner Al Learner who died in 2002.

When were the Baltimore Ravens formed?

In 1996 after owner Art Modell moved the Browns franchise to Baltimore.

How can you ge in contact with the owner of the phone i found?

You, as an individual have no right to have personal information on the phone user. Simply hand the phone into the police, and they'll either contact the owner or the phone company to return the handset to its rightful owner.

Who do you contact in reference to a possible copyright infringement?

Contact the rightful owner of the infringed content in writing.

How can you get reimbursed for monies lost in coinmach machines?

Contact the owner of the machines, or the owner of the premises in which the machines are located.

Who was the original owner of Baltimore Ravens before NFL?

The Ravens were originally the Cleveland Browns before owner Art Modell moved the team to Baltimore. As part of legal agreement, Modell agreed to leave the Browns history and records in Cleveland, and the Ravens started as a new football team within the NFL.

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Example sentence - I would like to contact the owner of the company to interview her for my thesis.

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A person can view houses for sale advertised by the owner of the house in several ways. One way is through a buyer's real estate agent who would contact the owner or another way is for a buyer to contact the owner at the number provided in the advertisement.

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Contact Honda

What is chris browns home adddress?

It is WikiAnswers policy not to provide personal celebrity contact information

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