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do 10 pushups a day RUN!!! Get a ball and just dribble 10 min with your left and 10 min with your right do lay ups right handed and left handed SHOOT FREE THROWS!!!! just shoot wherever you feel comfortable

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Q: How do train for basketball?
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Where does the England basketball team train?

There is no England basketball since 2005.

Where would a pro basketball player train?

in a high school on a basketball team or in a gym or a home on your basketball goal

Where do players train in basketball?

In gyms

How does one become a star player in basketball?


How do you train for basketball?

Practice shooting alot and run sprints.

Where can you train basketball?

beat her down so hard she dies

How long do you need to train to play basketball?

Even if you are a superb athlete who is naturally gifted, you need to train very hard. You cannot get the feel of a basketball game unless you continue playing in them. Shots can be practiced alone, but defense cannot.

What are the opportunities for advancement for basketball players?

basketball players would have to train more and go against other players that have higher rankings than them.

How would one go about training a gorilla to play basketball?

There are many ways that an individual could train a gorilla to play basketball. The best way is to send the gorilla to a basketball camp or to a monkey training center where the gorilla can learn to play basketball.

Can you lose weght in 2 months for playing basketball?

you can if you eat right and train hard.

What does GOAT stand for in basketball?

Get Off And Train

How do you get good at basketball in 1 day?

It is hard to get good at basketball in 1 day. Although, some things might help do make you good. Eat a pure healthy diet containing all vitamins and minerals. Train for 5 hours altogether. Do necessary stretches and practice shooting. You should practice lay-ups, passing, shooting, dribbling with both hands and concentrating on the ball. Don't train 5 hours altogether, train at intervals. That should make you pretty fit and good at basketball.

Is it possible to get trained in Basketball by watching Basketball Training Videos?

You may actually have to get out there on the court and shoot some hoops. However, the training videos are a very smart compliment to your thirst for excellence. No, it is not possible to be trained in basketball by watch training videos. Videos can be an aid to your basketball education, but only active practice can train you to become a basketball player.

How to cross people up in basketball like Allen Iverson Steve francis and Michael Jordan?

train like them.

What is the girls professional basketball league?

Its not about good or not . Its about how well you train . They knew that there would be a league , so they worked hard and believe in themselves :)

Do you need a personal trainer to be the best basketball player in the country?

You don't have to, just train really, really hard. Just have a goal and go for it.

What is an average basketball club fee per person How much does it cost to train basketball?


What are social physical benefits of basketball?

Socially, you may become close with fellow team members. This is a great way to make friends in school. Also, because basketball is a sport that requires a lot of stop and go motions, the athlete will have to train in order to gain physical endurance. Basketball requires leg, arm and core strength.

What is the best way to train an athlete if you don't have a basketball court?

This was the way i was trained blindfold your self and dribble or pass the ball to yourself off the wall

Did george town win the first ncaa basketball tournament?

The year was 1939 and the unstoppable train that was Oregon pummeled Ohio State 46-33

How many hours do basketball players train per week?

high school 4 hours college 6 hours NBA 6 to 7 hours

Two things Michael Jordan was good at in basketball?

To be a good basketball player one need to be good in the speed, power, agility, running and quickness. These are the fundamentals that train your body to be a better player in basketball. Whereas, when you complete these skills there comes specific things for basketball such as ball handling, defense etc. If you consider MJ he was a marvellous dunker and a great shooter.He also had good awarness where everyone was so he could complete all the things he did

Why training is necessary?

Training is necessary because if you don't train, you won't be able to figure out the flaws of what you doing. For example, say a professional basketball player wasn't very good at dribbling. If he doesn't train, he might not perform well in his game, but if he does, chances are he wouldn't do as bad as he would have if he didn't. Keep in mind that just because you train one day doesn't mean that you are going to get better by a significant amount. You have to train excessively.

What is the number one way to win more games in basketball?

To try hard in practice and to eat healthy and train hard and have your heart in the sport easy, if u are an athlete!

How can you train to make myself a better basketball player?

Do drills, play, read basketball books and magazines, watch videos, listen to interviews about basketball, practice yoga, lift weights, do sprints,ocassionaly run, shoot over and over till it hurts everyday, footwork drills, free throws, think positive, be successful, work harder than anyone else and HUSTLE