How do they track stunamis?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: How do they track stunamis?
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Where do stunamis come from?

Tsunamis are the result of underwater earthquakes which changes the shape of the bottom of the ocean. As a result, the water is displaced and rushes in a giant wave, which is what people see as a tsunami.

How do scientist study stunamis?

Scientists build wave tanks with scale models of areas they think may be hit by tsunamis. The scale models show what damage can be expected and build defenses to ward off the most damage.

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Do all tsunamis have huge waves that do a lot of damage?

No. Tsunamis and tidal waves are actually quite different. True tidal waves are just that - tidal waves. Tsunamis are usually triggered by underwater earthquakes, volcanoes or nearby seismic activity.

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