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The easiest way is to keep them well watered, greens which are not keep well watered dry out quickly and become crusty, therefore they become hard and fast.

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Q: How do they soften the greens on putting surfaces?
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Where can I buy a putting green online?

"Action Putting Greens" has a website at They sell many artificial-style greens and offer free samples before you buy.

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Practice putting greens can be purchased as many golf shops and big box stores. Online dealers include nextag, amazon, Golf Town, and Steve Laporte's website. There are many options for practice putting greens available.

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Indoor putting greens are a product that is becoming popular with golfers of all ages. They are available at places such as Pro Putt Systems, Syn Lawn Golf and TrueLine Greens.

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Creeping bentgrass grass is the recommended species for putting greens. It can be purchased at seed supply houses.

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Great Golfers Practice Putting at Home?

Golfers who wish to improve their games and golf scores have the option of installing a putting green in the privacy of their homes or backyards. Putting greens are not only for the amateur golf enthusiast. Professional golfers can also benefit from installing a private strip of golf greenery. The thought of being able to practice golf in the privacy of a home or backyard is inviting to golf enthusiasts. Men, women, adults, children and teenagers can all benefit from a private putting green, as they are not only for wealthy persons. Anyone can enjoy owning a mini putting course.Putting greens are available in various sizes and prices. A small 3 x 9 putting green may be purchased for as little as $19.00, while a larger, 15 x 28 five-hole model may be purchased for $1,300.00 to $1,400.00. Putting greens can be installed either indoors or in backyards. Putting greens are available with synthetic grass and can also be installed with real grass. There are special portable putting greens for the traveler. A portable putting course may be used in a motel or hotel room. Putting greens that are specifically designed for offices are also available. The creative person can even build a putting green from scratch, but this requires a great deal of hard work and some amount of expertise.Putting greens that are installed in private residences or backyards will enable family members and friends to enjoy many hours of practice and fun. Fellow golfers will notice a remarkable improvement in the owner's game, and will want to know the reasons for this achievement. The lucky fellow golfer will definitely appreciate the chance to participate as an invited guest and take turns putting.The idea that putting greens are only for wealthy individuals is simply not true. The fact of the matter is that anyone can afford to buy and install a putting green. When the thought of purchasing a putting green becomes persistent, the notion of extravagance can quickly change into the idea of practicality and affordability. Putting greens are for everyone who loves the game of golf, and golfers, whether amateurs or professionals, will benefit from owning a private putting green.